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Emily Mueller owns and operates Mueller Honey Bee Rescue in Akron, Ohio. A business centered on raising awareness about honey bees while also completing hundreds of cutouts and swarm removals over the past decade. She served as a County Apiary Inspector from 2014-2017, is a current Trustee for Summit Beekeeper’s Association and a Traveling Speaker for the Ohio State Beekeeper’s Program.

Over the last ten years, she and her husband, Ryan, have teamed together to remove hundreds of swarms and colonies from a variety of unique places. Emily is very active within the beekeeping community, offering children pollinator classes, private adult lessons and teaching classes to new beekeepers. She remains active in beekeeping advocacy, presenting safe and reasonable ordinances for cities that permit honey bees. Her desire is to educate the public, especially children, on their importance through advocacy, outlandish pictures and public demonstration.

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