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Propolis Mineral Paste

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This product contains honey bee propolis and has a strong earthy flavor due to the high mineral content. Varieties without xylitol are NOT sweet at all.

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, calcium carbonate, bentonite clay, propolis, aloe leaf powder, green clay, trace minerals *varieties: xylitol and/or clove

Product based on weight, not based on filling the container.
Variety does not matter. It is for personal taste preference.

If you are allergic to bee stings, it is not recommended to use this paste!

Your propolis paste has an organic coconut oil base so it is temperature sensitive. If it separates, simply mix it around with the end of a knife and set in the fridge until firm.

If your paste becomes hard, set the glass container in warm water and restir.

Consistency is KEY in the use of this product. To see successful benefits, you will need to use this paste a minimum of two times per day and proceed to use for 4-6 weeks AFTER the decay is not visible. Decay lives deeper in the tooth than what is visible from the outside. Gut health is important for fixing teeth.

Use a clean q-tip or toothpick to remove paste. Using a toothbrush or finger will contaminate the product.

Application: generously apply the paste around the tooth and gums after brushing at bedtime. Allow it to wear away naturally.

Propolis has been used in other countries to prevent and reverse cavities and decay.

Quality: We source our ingredients from organic and pharmaceutical food grade manufactures with continuous heavy metal testing. Our products are free from chemicals and pesticides and are never irradiated or fumigated. Our supply source dries using low heat under 120 degree

Our products do not contain maltodextrin or added ingredients such as sugars or fillers. We sell 100% pure, safe, and effective products.

Lab Tested: The products we sell are lab tested for pesticides, metals, and microbiological agents.

Highly recommended to assist progress:

Read: Cure Tooth Decay, by Ramiel Nagel
This book is necessary
for understanding HOW your tooth issues CAN be healed without destruction to your teeth

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