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Our mission is to "save the bees" by providing the following services:

Honey bee colonies often find a void within a home where insulation has worn away over the years.  Chimneys are also a common place for these special insects to create a hive.  If you believe you have honey bees living inside a wall, please reach out for a quote on structure removal.


A ball of bees upon bees (shown in the picture above) are ALWAYS honey bees.  We offer FREE swarm removal in the NE Ohio area.  If we cannot get to you we will find a beekeeper to help.  Never spray the swarm with anything.  Always call a beekeeper first!


We specialize in tree removal and have worked with many tree companies over the years.  The only proper way to remove a colony of honey bees from a tree is to cut it down.  We occasionally can perform a trap out but it is not the preferred method.  Please contact us if you have honey bees living inside your tree.

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