- Our Story -

The rescue mission began in 2013 with a call about a swarm of honey bees in Hartville, Ohio.  Emily convinced Ryan to help her retrieve the swarm without any prior beekeeping experience so they could fill a hive she was given by her father. 
As Ryan methodically cut the branch from the tree, the snips shook the stem, bouncing the swarm on accident.   This caused thousands of bees to land all over Ryan as Emily ran away in terror.  Once they realized they were safe and honey bees really ARE gentle creatures, their mission to spread that word began. 
Our goal is to save as may colonies as possible, removing the most local and convenient then outsourcing to any beekeeper willing to save a hive all across the USA. 
If you thought differently about honey bees BEEcause of us,
we have served our purpose!
Ryan and Emily Mueller
American Gothic "Bee"make
August 2019
June 30, 2013

First Swarm removal.
Spritzing sugar water on the bees.

Hartville, Ohio

Live Hive Cutout
Cutting out each piece of the hive to replace in a bee hive box with all their brood and food.
August 2017
Tallmadge, Ohio

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