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100% raw propolis straight from the hive. May contain small impurities or insect remains due to collection process. We do our best to screen outgoing products but a possible bee wing or leg may appear on occasion. No bees are harmed in the removal process, however, dead bees can stick to the propolis and therefore results in pieces being inside the product.

Propolis can be used for a variety of reasons, many are listed here: https://www.dentistrywithaheart.com/blog/propolis-an-all-natural-do-it-all-in-dentistry/#:~:text=In%20particular%2C%20studies%20have%20shown,positive%20effects%20following%20oral%20surgery.

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If you are allergic to bee products, it is not recommended to use this paste!

Propolis has been used in other countries to prevent and reverse cavities and decay.

Highly recommended to assist progress:

Read: Cure Tooth Decay, by Ramiel Nagel

This book is necessary for understanding HOW your tooth issues CAN be healed without destruction to your teeth.

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